Bonnie and Clyde – Blanche Barrow’s Story

It’s been a minute since I’ve read these, but when I was initially writing The Case of Bonnie and Clyde, I read as many firsthand accounts of the gang’s life as I could. The best by far was My Life with Bonnie & Clyde by Blanche Caldwell Barrow. She wrote most of the account during […]

Laurel’s Neighborhood – Greenland Hills

I got the chance to drive around the neighborhood Laurel and Tom lived in recently, and was pretty happy with what I saw. Their neighborhood has retained a lot of it’s original charming character, and the number of new giant homes was fairly low. They lived in a development called Greenland Hills, which was originally […]

Swiss Avenue – The Eymann House

Swiss Avenue was first planned in 1907, and was the first deed-restricted community in Texas. It was also the first in Dallas to require utilities to be sent to the back of the house, so the view of the homes wouldn’t be marred by an ugly utility pole. Deed restrictions included that the minimum cost […]

Ice Man – Ice houses and 7-11

The idea to make Gerald Eymann an ice mogul came from looking around at what would be an unusual way to make money now, that was fairly common place back in the time. I landed on ice manufacturing, which was a necessary part of keeping food edible at the time. (Here’s an exterior picture of […]

Dry Counties – What does that even mean?

I was re-reading the Lost Prohibition book earlier this week, and it jogged my memory talking about wet and dry counties, and how people got around them. Throughout Texas, each county made it’s own decision before Prohibition about what their stance on alcohol sales and consumption. Some counties chose to be dry, which meant all […]

Barrow Garage Today

A few weeks ago, I decided to shake up my normal writing routine, and go to West Dallas to have a coffee and just play the tourist. I also had half a mind to go by and check out the Barrow garage that I saw on a history tour a few years ago. (The one […]

The Case of Bonnie and Clyde Research Boards

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