A few weeks ago, I decided to shake up my normal writing routine, and go to West Dallas to have a coffee and just play the tourist. I also had half a mind to go by and check out the Barrow garage that I saw on a history tour a few years ago. (The one where I saw Clyde and his brother Buck’s headstone.)

The building had been bought and moved by a private citizen to a main road in West Dallas. It’s completely un-marked, with no signs on the building or in the area. It is, however, marked on Google maps. I found it when I was studying the map closely after I couldn’t quite find it when driving on my own (I had it in my mind the building was white for some reason).

The brown building is the Barrow Garage

It looks like someone is sleeping on the back porch right now, or at least around enough to leave fresh beer bottles and cigarettes.

This shot is looking at the Garage from the gray building with the orange base above

The next few shots are from the same spot, just one looking to the left (the pharmacy) and the next, looking across the street.

West Dallas Pharmacy
Apartments springing up everywhere. I’m afraid they will eat the Garage.

Here’s one last shot of the garage, the front door.

The front door

It was neat to see that it’s still around. When I was on the tour, those apartments weren’t there. They’re literally springing up everywhere in that area. I’m wondering now if there’s any plans for taking care of this building for when a developer buys the whole block up.

What’s some local history that you like seeing?

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