I thought it would be fun to put together an outfit post for Laurel’s wardrobe in The case of Bonnie & Clyde in Rome. Let me know what you think of her choices! September in Dallas usually the time when the heat of summer is finally breaking, and some rain and cooler air are moving in.

What Laurel Wore during the Case of Bonnie and Clyde

The overcoat is an older style, from the late 1920’s, but still beautiful. Laurel’s didn’t have the fur lining on the sleeves, but that is definitely the right collar. The hat and shoes would have been new, the suit would have been a little bit older.

I also found what Mollie was wearing when Laurel met her.

Mollie's Outfit, Case of Bonnie and Clyde


I have a Pinterest board (see below) that is the source of most of the images, if you like vintage fashion, you should definitely check it out!


Follow Shannon’s board Research – 1930s Lady on Pinterest.

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