Book Recommend – Lost Recipes of Prohibition

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page (and why not?), maybe you remember this picture I posted a while back:

Or this one (it’s hiding at the back):

This gem of a history/art/recipe book happened to catch my eye at the library in the New Releases section, and I picked it up on a whim. Best decision ever (well, as far as library decisions go).

The author of Lost Recipes of Prohibition, Notes from a Bootlegger’s Manual, is a trained museum curator and historian, and he brings that sensibility into the book. He was given the bootlegger’s manual by a friend, and so the book is an exploration of that and much more.

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He goes into the history of the recipes and formulas as he shares, and some incredibly in depth information about how Prohibition came about, as well as how people got around it. Ever wanted to make your own Gin? There’s a recipe for that.
One of my favorite parts though, is the actual manual itself and the additional original ads, clippings and what Pinterest refers to as “ephemera.” Full images from the original manual appear throughout the book and really inspired me visually.

If you enjoy history, recipes, old books or the Prohibition era, first off we should be friends, and secondly, you should look this one up. It’s a fun, engaging look at an amazing time in our country. Any other Prohibition cocktail books I’m missing out on?

What She Wore – Laurel in The Case of Bonnie & Clyde in Rome

What Laurel Wore during the Case of Bonnie and Clyde

I thought it would be fun to put together an outfit post for Laurel’s wardrobe in The case of Bonnie & Clyde in Rome. Let me know what you think of her choices! September in Dallas usually the time when the heat of summer is finally breaking, and some rain and cooler air are moving in.

What Laurel Wore during the Case of Bonnie and Clyde

The overcoat is an older style, from the late 1920’s, but still beautiful. Laurel’s didn’t have the fur lining on the sleeves, but that is definitely the right collar. The hat and shoes would have been new, the suit would have been a little bit older.

I also found what Mollie was wearing when Laurel met her.

Mollie's Outfit, Case of Bonnie and Clyde


I have a Pinterest board (see below) that is the source of most of the images, if you like vintage fashion, you should definitely check it out!


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Art to Love – Art Deco by John Mattos

As I move closer to publishing my first book, I’ve been paying close attention to covers. There are some truly remarkable covers out there (as well as some crap ones, of course), and several that I’ve loved have been done by one artist, John Mattos.

It turns out I have great taste. His work has already appeared as a postage stamp for the 2006 Winter Olympics, and everything he touches is gorgeous. I love the Art Deco style, and he’s a great example of a modern artist using that to create his own work.

Have a look at his site for more!

Rocketeer by John-Mattos


Flying Machine by John-Mattos at johnmattos-dot-com


Fox by John Mattos at johnmattos dot com