I Heart Classic Movies

Growing up we watched Classic movies from the 20s-50s instead of contemporary movies. So while I’ve still never seen The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink, I’m all over the Marx Brothers and Katherine Hepburn’s screwball comedies.
I realize some of you just got weirded out. Is this a bad time to mention we only watched PBS?
I thought we watched the movies that we did because there the least number of objectionable things (compared to anything after the 50s) and they weren’t “kid” movies, which my dad can’t stand to watch more than 20 seconds of.
Those reasons were part of it, for sure, but I think I found the real reason when I saw the engagement announcement for my parents. It listed all of my mom’s honor societies and academic accomplishments, and for my dad it listed him only as the president of the Classic Film Society.
Of course, watching the movies through adult eyes now, I see the racism and sexism and attitudes that are thankfully not widespread anymore that went over my head as a kid.
The beautiful clothes and sets and stories and witty banter remain though. Films from a time before special effects still have power and beauty that exceed modern ones. The dance sequence of the fairies coming out of the night sky onto earth in Midsummer’s Night Dream, for example, is superior to any other interpretation I’ve seen of it.
All of this is to say- at least once a month there will be a film recommendation/review on here. I’m open to suggestions, so let me know your favorites you want others to know about!

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