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Due Spring 2018 – The Case of the Ice Man’s Corpse

The corpse of a wealthy man goes missing, and his wife and friends are oddly uninterested in his death, but very interested in locating the corpse. Laurel has accidentally taken the lead and is desperate to prove to herself and the Agency that she can find the dead man. Then an old acquaintance pops in, and the stakes are raised…

Due Summer 2019 – The Case of the Osage Heiress

Laurel finally escapes the office when the Pinkertons are hired by an oilman to locate a missing heiress that he claims he requires a signature from. It sounds simple until the trio arrives in Oklahoma to find a suspicious town recently decimated by a greedy and murderous cowboy. It will take all of their might to find her without sealing her fate and theirs…


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