Dallas Heritage Village Sunday Social 

This past Sunday, the Dallas Heritage Village hosted the third annual Sunday Social, a jazz   Unfortunately I couldn’t go this year, some dear friends were in town and we had scheduled a brunch and naptime takes the rest. Here’s what we all missed by not being there. Dancing lessons https://instagram.com/p/BC6ebjBSB3y/ https://instagram.com/p/BC6K7_vPvBl/ https://instagram.com/p/BC5vnWwsu5N/ Antique cars […]

History of Dallas & the South – Lynchings and sanitizing language

History is brutal, there's just no way around it

This article was posted in the Dallas Morning news not long ago. You should go read it. I’ll wait. If you didn’t click, it’s about a new report that has come out where the authors worked to extensively document lynchings throughout the South, I believe from Reconstruction onward. Their final tally was around 4,000 people. […]

Snowpocalypse 2015, Dallas Edition

Snowpocolypse 2015, Dallas Edition

You maybe can’t tell clearly, but that is snow. On the ground. Outside. In Dallas, Texas. It’s been snowing for hours now (tiny flakes), and there’s some accumulation on the roads, so everything has ground to a halt. Except in here. While the baby naps, I edit.