Fun Dance Video

I’m sure you’ve heard the Uptown Funk song by Bruno Mars, even if it was against your will. I absolutely love this dance mashup, though. Shirley Temple! The Marx Brothers! Gene Kelly! Do you see any of your favorite movies in here?

Art to Love – Art Deco by John Mattos

As I move closer to publishing my first book, I’ve been paying close attention to covers. There are some truly remarkable covers out there (as well as some crap ones, of course), and several that I’ve loved have been done by one artist, John Mattos. It turns out I have great taste. His work has […]

Cocoanuts – Marx Brothers

As I tried to pull this movie out of the mental catalog, all that came to me was the haunting line “Do the monkey doodle-doo” over and over. It’s one of several memorable Irving Berlin songs in the movie, which is a weird mash of loosely connected comedy bits, a b-list love story, and song […]

Classic Films Make Me Happy

I Heart Classic Movies

Growing up we watched Classic movies from the 20s-50s instead of contemporary movies. So while I’ve still never seen The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink, I’m all over the Marx Brothers and Katherine Hepburn’s screwball comedies. I realize some of you just got weirded out. Is this a bad time to mention we only […]