A fun introduction to the Newton Gang

I know this isn’t the timeframe I usually focus on, but I thought it was a fun story. Do they look like a train robbing gang? The one on the far left doesn’t, to me, but the one on the far right looks like he’d enjoy the whole process.

History as told by those who lived it

There was some amazing preservation work done by the WPA, this is just an excerpt from a huge undertaking. I’m glad stories were preserved before they disappeared.

Book Recommend – Killers of the Flower Moon

A year or so after I got the idea for The Case of The Osage Heiress, I started seeing this book everywhere. This is a very comprehensive, well-researched and captivating book about what’s called the Osage Murders, the murder of Anna Brown and her sister’s search for justice. It pulls in a lot of context […]