Book Recommend – Killers of the Flower Moon

A year or so after I got the idea for The Case of The Osage Heiress, I started seeing this book everywhere. This is a very comprehensive, well-researched and captivating book about what’s called the Osage Murders, the murder of Anna Brown and her sister’s search for justice. It pulls in a lot of context […]

Osage Oil – Further Reading

One of the best resources I found for explaining exactly how the guardian system worked is actually a 40 page pamphlet available for free. Even more miraculously than it being free, it’s written quite clearly. I find a lot of sources from the time have an overwrought style that’s difficult to follow. Released in 1924 […]

Book Recommend – Empire of the Summer Moon

The Empire of the Summer Moon was given to me by my husband’s boss’s wife (how’s that for a relationship tree). Her book club had read it and enjoyed it, which I was a bit surprised to hear given how violent most of the history presented in the book was, but it is an excellent […]

Book Recommend – Lost Recipes of Prohibition

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page (and why not?), maybe you remember this picture I posted a while back: Or this one (it’s hiding at the back): This gem of a history/art/recipe book happened to catch my eye at the library in the New Releases section, and I picked it up […]

History and Mystery Books and More

I’ve always been a voracious reader. It’s a family gift and curse. I grew up reading the newspaper every day (start with the funny papers, duh) and library trips were a weekly treat. We would spend hours there and haul our booty home in big canvas bags, cackling at the 6 week long checkout period […]